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insurance/risk management services


Probosolve provides Financial and Personal Risk management solutions to individuals and to business organizations by way of Life insurance services, General insurance services and health insurance services which meet customer needs.


Today insurance became a part and parcel of our life. Willingly or unwillingly everyone has to insure for themselves, for children, for employees and also for vehicles. Insurance not only help in providing good returns at the maturity but also provide financial security to our family, business partners, etc in case of any uncertainty. Now a day’s insurance became a common used tool for minimizing the tax liability for every individual.


PROBOSOLVE TECHNOLOGIES offers risk management and insurance solutions for:


  • Minimizing you tax liability by taking tax saving insurance policies
  • Minimizing the risk of your vehicles getting penalties
  • Maximizing healthy environment by taking Health insurance for self, family and employees/labours
  • Maximizing your income by taking regular return based insurance policies
  • Securing you, your family, and your business partners, financially from any type of future uncertainties

PROBOSOLVE TECHNOLOGIES risk management and insurance products includes:

  1. Life insurance policies
  • New policies and renewals\premium payment
  1. General insurance
  • Renewals of general insurance
  1. Health insurance
  • New  policies and renewals
  1. Hedging and Foreign exchange risk management