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financial analysis and research services


Financial Analysis Services


Financial Data Analysis is highly crucial to help make smatter decision to meet the changing market trends and needs. Probosolve's specialized financial data analysis services that help clients improve their decision making, optimize processes, fund and time management and improve overall bottom line. Financial Analysts at Probosolve help you analyze financial data better to aide higher profitability, efficiency, stability and liquidity of the company.


Probosolve offers cost-effective financial data analysis services that help in preparing precise and exact financial statements. Understanding specific business requirements, Probosolve's experienced team of financial analysts provide periodic financial statements and reports that meet business needs suitably. Probosolve's accurate and systematic financial statement analysis not only provides hindsight on past financial situations but also provides ample foresight for future endeavors.


Financial Data Analysis Services offered by Probosolve:


Committed to providing best and highly precise financial statements, reports, and analysis, Probosolve audits, reviews, and compiles various financial statements related to a specific, firm, market or sector. As your financial data analysis partner, Probosolve provides information on the following areas:


  • Ad-hoc reports (fact books and competitor analysis)
  • Analysis of financial statements (monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports)
  • Analysis of prospectus and offer documents
  • Analysis of portfolio structures
  • Board of Directors and audit committee presentations on financial results and EHS compliance
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Financial research and analysis
  • Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis
  • Maintenance and creation of databases and libraries

One of the major reasons of outsourcing industry financial analysis services to Probosolve is to save money by hiring an experienced international organization. In some cases, you might prefer to hire us for a fixed number of hours, while another situation might need a full-time commitment. Two other possibilities are full-time equivalent (FTE) contracts and customized variations such as half-time FTE pricing. Tell us what kind of contract makes you comfortable and we will make it work.


Whichever resource engagement model you choose, we promise to give you rapid responses through one point of contact. With a designated Probosolve research assistant, you will have one person to assist you on everything.


Types of Financial Data Analysis Services Offered by Probosolve


Our financial analysis services comprise of different segments including -


  • Financial Research - Equity, currency, fund, interest rate research, and risk management
  • Economic Research - Country reports, and sector outlooks
  • Business Research - Industry, competitor, supply chain analysis, executive summaries, and presentations
  • Financial Knowledge Management - Examination of content modules for internet-based training and simulator questions for testing situations
  • Financial Product Development - Conducting model development and simulation and back testing activities for specific performance attributes


Our Financial Analysis Tools and Methodology


Probosolve recognizes that financial assessment helps to solve whatever financial research and analysis problems which usually cause financial decision making tougher. Probosolve shows you to prepare reports using latest financial analysis tools and methods. Our financial analysis reports are designed to answer all relevant questions to aide business decision. Probosolve's financial analysts carry out financial data modeling and analysis in order to ensure the end results are accurate and precise.


Financial Research Services


Probosolve provides customized financial research services to industry leaders across business segments worldwide. We help quick and result-driven decision making to augment profit and reduce risks. Our insights are based on in-depth analysis, thorough market research, a clear understanding of changing global trends and customer business and interests.


Our global delivery model leverages on operational excellence, in-house analysts, long-term growth plans and strict turnaround time; making Probosolve, an impeccable choice as a financial research outsourcing partner. Simplifying the complex analytics for you to take advantage of the right opportunities, we aid both the buy side and the sell side to make the best as well as offload research services investment costs. Its win-win for both the sides!


Reshaping Global Finance Research With Comprehensive Solutions


Probosolve comes backed with customized research spanning across geographies, sectors and asset classes to provide economic, thematic, and strategic financial research services. While allowing you to use your internal resources and funds for more effectively, we bring you the latest in technology and research to help you improve your bottom line. Our comprehensive research services include -


  • Equity Research - Probosolve provides initiation & maintenance research reports for the 'buy' and 'sell' side based on qualitative and quantitative assessment. Our team of research analysts come with varied industry expertise and provide inputs on hedge fund, investment banking and equity research combined.
  • Credit Research - Probosolve evaluates credit opportunities, risks as well as possible threats and helps investors take better informed decisions to avoid any loss. We also provide business plans for long term investment opportunities with ensured returns.
  • Retail Brokerage Research - Our efficient team of analysts aid with a range of retail brokerage research services that help clients comprehend competitors and opportunities side by side. This in turn helps them gather better understanding in how it can possibly impact business and profit in both short and long-term investment prospects.
  • Derivatives Offshoring - Whether you are interested in offshoring derivatives for the investments made on the behalf of your company's clients, or for the assets held by your firm, Probosolve can help you find the best opportunities based on the current market conditions
  • Commodities Research - Probosolve provides insights on commodity trends for different markets both globally as well as locally. Our research and analysis helps chalk out appropriate strategies to help you make wise investment decisions.
  • Retail Risk Analytics - We at Probosolve, offer exhaustive research services on retail risks involved in your present investment plans. We offer risk analysis on regulations, geographies, market competition and channel disruptions that present major risk for retail sector.
  • Private Wealth Management - Probosolve offers comprehensive private wealth management services that help client materialize short, medium and long-term financial goals. We work with both high net worth clients as well as brokerage firm to come up with unimpeachable wealth management research services that are result driven.
  • Fundamental Analytics - Along with a full featured analytics service, Probosolve also offers fundamental indicators and competitor analysis that provide clients with the right kind of base for any investment opportunity.
  • Asset Management Support - Probosolve provides detailed reports on different asset classes, ETFs, asset-backed securities, etc. to aid clients in managing assets better.