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Bookkeeping of daily transactions and maintaining complete records of accounting are crucial part of every business to sustain and grow successfully in the market. Every business owner wants to keep its books up-to-date to know the financial position of its business, but under affordable costs and without any complications. 

Probo-Solve Technologies provide a full range of book-keeping and corporate accounting solutions at very reasonable and affordable fees. We not only work as Probo-Solution for book-keeping and accounting needs of our clients but also work as a cost reduction and profit maximization tool by providing financial analysis Reports along with our Findings and Recommendations for growth of your organization.

All of our well trained and experienced bookkeeping and accounting professionals are committed to deliver best client service. Our objective is to work with our clients as business partners to ensure that they have timely, accurate and insightful information to manage their financial affairs. Throughout the process, we will stay in close contact, striving to make recommendations to improve the operations, profitability and financial condition of your organization.


Our Book-Keeping and Accounting Services Includes:


  • Maintaining complete, accurate and permanent record of daily business transactions manually/computerized as per the accounting principles & standards.
  • Daily, Bi-weekly, monthly or yearly bookkeeping and Accounting including reporting services.
  • Maintaining records of incomes, expenses and losses (if any) in such a way that the net profit or loss for any selected period can be readily ascertained.
  • Keeping records of assets and liabilities in such a way that the financial position of the business (organization) at any point of time can be readily ascertained.
  • Giving the businessman an opportunity to review and revise his policies in the light of past experience brought to light by analyzing and interpreting records and reports.