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academic research


With its wide range of academic research services, Probosolve supports academic institutions, universities and libraries in collating pertinent information from a multitude of sources, both online and offline. We have a resource pool of academic researchers with rich experience in conducting research for different purposes like faculty training, educational software development, video, audio, and image projects, development of new tools for teaching and research or publishing research papers, and a lot more.


We collate data from a multitude of sources, ranging from surveys, telephone interviews, large-scale web and email surveys to newer streams of digital data, thus helping global clients in uncovering key insights and making informed decisions in a timely fashion.


Academic Research Services at Probosolve: An Overview


Our suite of academic research services is aimed at providing an integrated repository of academic data to clients by sifting through the ever-increasing flow of information and gathering data that is relevant and importance. Focusing on the subject area, we follow customized research approach in tune with client’s specific needs and employ the best combination of qualitative & quantitative techniques to gather data as well as convert it into meaningful insights.


Our academic researchers study past, present and future possible trends, conduct in-depth web research and deliver visualizations & dashboards that facilitate strategic decision making. We deliver a range of academic research services to K-12 schools, scholars, educational portals, business schools, libraries, colleges, universities and other institutes across the globe.