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About us


In 2009, the Probosolve Technologies, was established as a small centre staffed by 2 accountants. The purpose of this entiry was to offer accounting and tax consulting services. From that day, Probosolve has steadily grown into what it is today: once of the best entity offering wide range of services including accounting, tax consulting, research (academic and marketing), financial analysis, investment consulting and risk management etc.

Employing research specialists from all over India, Probosolve offers excellent academic and marketing research services to clients from all over the world with high quality:


Mission statement:

"Our Mission is to provide clients with superior personalized tax, accounting, analysis, consulting and other related services by implementing practical solutions for our clients' diverse needs. Our Growth is dependent upon providing clients financial fuel to drive their ideas, inspirations, and goals into profitable results. Probosolve is also a research firm that is dedicated to helping organizations make important business decisions through the use and analysis of actionable market intelligence."




Probosolve strives to be one of the leading global market research and accounting firm that clients rely on for all of their market research needs. We build lasting partnerships through:


  • Learning and understanding each client’s business, goals, and objectives
  • Collaborating with our customers
  • Being a trusted partner that our clients can count on
  • Applying proven market research techniques to business issues
  • Providing meaningful solutions and actionable results


Core Values


Probosolve Technologies is dedicated to the following core values:


  • Performance - We always strive to improve our performance and the performance of our clients
  • Commitment - We are passionate about market research and are dedicated to helping our clients make better business decisions
  • Respect - Our employees treat all clients with the highest level of respect
  • Integrity - We work in collaboration with our clients, always avoid conflicts of interest, and hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity
  • Effort - We will always strive to meet and exceed clients’ expectations

We also work much more closely with our clients than traditional accountants and researchers. We want to get to know our clients businesses inside out, enabling us to easily identify problems and spot opportunities. We want to help improve profits and encourage growth. 

We like to always add value in whatever we do; we will always carry out our work with the aim of adding value to your business. We run a very cost effective business by making the most of modern technology and working with full flexibility in case of location i.e., services at your place or at our place, therefore ensuring small overhead costs.

Once we have established your needs we will give you a guaranteed quality with guaranteed fully inclusive price from the start. This will give you peace of mind and no surprise bills.


We are here to help you in all aspects.